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We invite you to have a look at some articles concerning Open Future International School. We hope the below articles will help you get to know us better and to be inspired to trust us in such an important mission as educating our child is. We are always eager to answer all your questions so we encourage you to contact us via e-mail or by phone.

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On the 12th of June 2017 at 8.20 p.m. we were informed
that the Open Future International School has gained
International Baccalaureate Organization CERTIFICATE
and therefore became an IB World School.

We are the first school in Kraków, the only one in Małopolska
and the seventh one in Poland to have positively gone
through Primary Years Programme authorisation.

It is a huge success for Open Future Community.
We have been working hard to accomplish this
throughout the past four years!


For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit: www.ibo.org

TED 2013 – Sugata Mitra about the future of education

TED is a speakers’ contest of simple rules: everyone can talk about whatever they want to. Each participant chooses the topic of his or her performance and then gives a 20-minute speech. The winner of 2013 TED talk was Sugata Mitra, a British scientist examining educational processes. In his 20-minute talk he explained the origins of the contemporary educational system and presented his own vision of education in the future.


What education to choose?

Education at Open Future International School bases on a worldwide proven educational programme which does not determine in advance what a child should learn, because the content itself is determined by the National Ministry of Education. We are supervised and supported in terms of didactics or teaching methodology and shaping attributes future alumni of their educational units should possess. What is the key difference then?


The origins of Open Future International School

In the beginning, there arouse simple yet painful questions, which each of us asks themselves, fearing the answer. Since 1989, many things have changed for the better in Poland, yet the political development of our country brought up civilisation illnesses, and some important social problems still remain unsolved. Even though two decades of hard work have passed, we are still far behind the United States and behind the most developed Western European countries.


What makes us different from state schools?

Are you still considering different options for your child’s education and wondering whether to choose a state school or Open Future International School? Below we have prepared a chart presenting the differences between our school and state schools, as well as enumerated the possible benefits for your child in case you decide to trust us in terms of his or her education.


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