Amy z Węgier
9 lut 2015

W Open Future: 11.2014 – 11.2015

My name is Annamária Hetyey, I am a 26 year-old volunteer from Hungary. Currently I am an EVS volunteer in one of Krakow’s Siemachas, but I also come to Open Future School to be a teacher’s assistant in class 2A.

Since this is my second workplace, my chances are limited for only two days a week as Miss Gosia’s help.

As a future teacher myself, I consider this an enormous opportunity to learn, to observe real teachers in real classrooms with real children, to gain unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience in a wonderful environment. It has been a pleasure to see that the issues that I have learned about can be used and implemented; they are not just futuristic ideas.

With my mother and grandmother as teachers, it was evident that in the end, I will become a teacher as well. I spent all my summers with my mother in children’s camp as an animator, and as I was getting older, I got more and more responsibility every year. As a former patrol leader in scouting, I had the chance to lead girl scouts through scout meetings, trips and scout camps as well. I consider myself as calm, responsible and persistent, also honest and principled.

I like to introduce new things to children; I like that moment, when the puzzle is completed in their heads and just in a second everything falls into its place and they finally understand what is it about. For me that one moment gives the greatest pleasure in teaching.