Aytan z Azerbejdżanu
25 sie 2015

I graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages with BA of Translation (English-Azerbaijani) in 2012. Besides working as a consecutive interpreter during international conferences and engaged in written translation, I have also been working as a freelance English teacher during last four years for the individuals of different age groups.

I started to work as an English teacher after successfully completing the “Study Institutes of the United States” exchange program in the USA and spent six weeks at the University of Alabama in Huntsville learning about civic engagement and improving academic writing andreading skills in English. Furthermore, I went on a six-month trip to the U.S., where I tookclasses (audited) at Washington & Lee University, and volunteered at Project Horizon an NGO focused on domestic violence and sexual assault. Volunteering at Project Horizon has helped me gain a better understanding of the US school system.

I was assistant of Education Officer of the organization.We were visiting different schools in Virginia and teaching kids about healthy lifestyle, sportsmanship, relationships with people and etc. In addition to my USA experience, I have been EVS (European Voluntary Service)volunteer during last ten months in Poland. I have worked as a teacher assistant in a Special Education school with children with disabilities. Including helping teachers to conduct lessonsfor the kids, I was also organizing fun activities and small projects in the school. During myvolunteering service in Poland, I learnt Polish and Makaton sign languages, at the same time, I was teaching English for the teachers of the school in elementary and intermediate levels.

This September, I am going to start working at the Open Future International School as a kindergarten teacher. I like being non-traditional and extraordinary in any part of the life, as well as in teaching. I believe that my students will learn how to study and express themselves through discovering and using their “creativity” skills. Using PYP method, studying for them will be an exciting adventure rather than a burden that have to be carried out. We will embrace diversity and uniqueness of each other in the classroom and we will achieve beautiful results and be ready for the next academic year.Finally, I believe that educating heart of the students is as much important as educating their mind. During the classes for better communication and self-control, better problem solving, more supportive and caring classroom community, they are als going to learn about and improve their emotional intelligence skills through art, music and drama. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/zaym-na-kartu_migcredit.html