David z Australii
16 sty 2014

W Open Future: 01.2014

My name is David Dawei Wang. I come from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am 19 Years old. I study Commerce (Econmics & Finance) and Civil Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Experience with kids:
I partook an AIESEC project last year called EDISON in the Czech Republic which involved working with students with ages ranging from 6 to 19. I was engaged in teaching: English, mathematics, physics, physical education and cultural education.
Why I want to teach kids?
Coming from a country which places such a high value on education I can see the benefit a quality education has both on the individual lives of the receiptee and society as a whole. This is shown by the outstanding ranking that Melbourne has achieved as one of the most liveable cities around the globe. I hope that during my tenure here, I can pass on my passion for education, the benefit it opens up for potential students, whether that be for a higher income occupation or initiating an interest in a field of study that they may never have heard of. At the end of the day, its about creating an everlasting positive social impact on the local community and hopefully the wider global community.