Scholarship programme

Apply to our Scholarship Program and try to receive the funding for your child’s education.

If you particularly care for ensuring your child the best future because you see how talented the child is, but at the same time you are worried you may not afford to educate your child at Open Future, there is still a chance!

The scholarship is granted in the form of a discount on education fees for the period of one school year. It is included in the educational contract and cannot be given in a form of cash. The scholarship programme opens every year and due to the criteria of eligibility, not all applicants are successful. Priority is given to children showing above-average abilities and skills.

The scholarship may include:

  • a full or partial discount on education fees
  • the possibility to apply for dividing the entry fee into two instalments

The scholarship does not include compulsory fees for:

  • registration fee
  • paid pedagogical test
  • swimming classes (applies to grades 1-3)
  • school trips
  • alimentation
  • extra paid additional and compensatory classes organized at school.

Anyone interested in applying for the scholarship program should submit a scholarship application together with a justification and attachments within the set deadline:

  • Tax Office confirmation of the income gained by both parents / legal guardians or the parent having all parental rights / a legal guardian in the preceding calendar year;
  • A document confirming that custody is held by one parent only (court statement, death certificate, other) – obligatory in case of full custody being held by one parent only;
  • A statement of the of alimony or any other financial support received from the other parent of the child, or a written statement confirming you do not receive any financial support from the other parent – obligatory in case of full custody being held by one parent only;
  • Documents confirming the child’s exceptional talents and/or skills.

The child education contract is signed after the scholarship has been awarded.