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14 Dec 2020

Letters to Santa Claus

One of our students said: "It is great to receive gifts, but the happiness of giving is also great" We completely...

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9 Dec 2020

Christmas Gifts!

The heart rejoices when we see how many wonderful gifts for Babiński Hospital we have collected We have already...

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8 Dec 2020

Voluntary Actions Finale – Drive Thru

Today was a magical day and we will definitely remember it for a long time In the parking lot of our school there was...

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7 Dec 2020

Preparing for Christmas Voluntary Final!

Our students got involved in the voluntary work and prepared amazing decorations and hats for individual actions We...

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2 Dec 2020

Online Art classes

See, how our online art lessons look like Our students not only designed their own t-shirts , but also participated in...

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30 Nov 2020

"A Book for a Bookmark"

"Book for Bookmark" is one of the many December campaigns organized by our Student's Council and volunteers. In return...

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27 Nov 2020

Movement is the basis of learning

Movement is the basis of learning " We know very well how to train our body, but do we know what exercises to do to...

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26 Nov 2020


In America today, Thanksgiving is celebrated It is one of the most important days of the year for all Americans,...

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25 Nov 2020

Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Bear Day Today, this little friend of all children celebrates its day! On this occasion, our students were...

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