DIPLOMA PROGRAMME – International Baccalaureate

Higher education institutions from all over the world strive for IB Diploma holders, knowing how promising students they can get. This proves the high level and effectiveness of education offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).
Open Future Bilingual High School is starting this September. Thanks to the IBO Diploma Programme as a school we can prepare our students to pass the International Baccalaureate. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been implementing the IBO philosophy and methodology of work, as well as training teachers in this field.

The IB Diploma is a teaching program which covers the last two years of high school and leads to the baccalaureate exam. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized by all universities in Poland and in over 100 countries around the world, and the final results achieved in individual subjects are calculated on a very favorable percentage scale for the student. Students work using the method of research projects, covering six subject groups:

Obligatory subjects:

  • language A – native language
  • language B – second language
  • mathematics

Extra subjects, one subject from each subject group:

  • sciences – physics, chemistry, biology
  • humanities – history, geography, ecology, psychology
  • arts – art, music, dance, additional language

Studies in the IB Programme are conducted in English, except lessons of native language and other selected languages. The student takes three of the selected subjects at higher level (approximately 6 hours per week) and three at lower level (approximately 4 hours per week).

Students prepare subject-specific essays, conduct research, and perform experiments that are further analyzed, described, and evaluated internally by teachers at the school, and externally by IBO experts.

In addition, there is a compulsory subject called “Theory of knowledge” where the student is taught methods of information analysis and practical logic.
As part of the program, students also prepare an Extended Essay – a small thesis – a research essay on a topic of global importance chosen by the student, e.g. connected with environmental protection or fair trade. In this work, the ability to independently analyze the problem, draw conclusions, formulate and clarify thoughts is tested.
To complete the Diploma Programme, each student participates in CAS program – Creativity, Action, Service. It is a program for personal development: artistic, physical and social. The student is required to undertake various extracurricular activities that prove one’s overall creative development, physical activity and ability to help others. This part of the program serves to educate responsible and sensitive people.