Class profiles at High School

To our high school students we offer education in classes with two specialized profiles: STEM and SAP. The profiles are adapted to today’s trends and needs of young people.

In the first year the student chooses any subject extensions he/she prefers and thus has the opportunity to change his/her mind about the chosen profile. By the end of the third year the student will have made a final decision about his/her specialisation and whether he/she wants to take the Polish or the International Baccalaureate.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

The class profile meets the needs of students who associate their future with science. Therefore, we invite people gifted mathematically and interested in combining mathematics with science subjects such as chemistry, biology.

The STEM profile is a response to the current greatest demand in the labour market. It is the graduates of medical, technical and IT studies that are sought-after specialists both at in Poland and abroad. Certainly, this tendency will continue for a long time. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the extended mathematics program will perfectly prepare you for legal studies by developing logical thinking.

This class prepares students to study in the following fields:

  • Medical (faculties: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, emergency medical services, medical analytics, cosmetology, veterinary medicine)
  • engineering (landscape architecture, biotechnology, chemical technology, medical engineering, environmental protection, automation, mechatronics, electronics, construction, transport, robotics)
  • IT and mathematical
  • economic (management, business, banking)
  • physical (astronomy).

Extended subjects are:

  • Maths,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry.

Foreign languages:

  • English – advanced level due to the bilingual high school.
  • Spanish – continuing education or from the beginning; taught in various inter-class groups

SaP (Sociology and Psychology)

The class profile was created for people who are interested in people, their emotions and psyche, as well as the mechanisms governing their behaviour and functioning in the world around them. It is an ideal course for students who are good observers, full of kindness and empathy, with high social skills and interested in sociological and psychological sciences.

The SaP profile is an offer for students who are mainly interested in humanities and social issues, as well as working with other people. It gives the opportunity to significantly expand education in the field of the Polish language, history and knowledge about society.

Professional prospects, i.e. for which studies the SaP profile prepares students:

  • language philologies, including: Polish and classical,
  • history of art and protection of cultural assets, cultural studies,
  • journalism and public relations,
  • film studies and knowledge about new media, theater studies,
  • history, archaeology, ethnology, philosophy,
  • cognitive science, psychology, sociology,
  • law, public relations,
  • political science, international relations,
  • electronic information processing or scientific information,
  • marketing, advertising, human resource management, HR, coaching and many more.

Extended subjects are:

  • Polish language,
  • History,
  • Knowledge about society.

Foreign languages:

  • English – advanced level due to the bilingual high school.
  • Spanish – continuing education or from the beginning; taught in various inter-class groups