School building

School building – 25 Kwiecista Street, Krakow

Students have at their disposal the entire building consisting of three floors with a total area of ​​1500 m2. The classrooms are spacious and well-lit with daylight, while the floors have wooden floors. On the grey-white walls there are boards decorated with the work of our students and important information from implemented projects. Each room has a teacher’s chair and an antiallergic and fireproof carpet that allows students to choose a comfortable position, even during the lesson. All rooms are equipped with certified furniture in natural colours, selected according to the age and height of the students. During lessons, children learn at individual 1-person tables, which, depending on the course of classes, can be combined into 2 or 4-person tables to facilitate work in pairs or groups. The tables can also be arranged in the shape of the letter U or arranged into one large table for collective work. Each student has their own locker in their class for storing their work, notebooks, textbooks and other school supplies.

Caring for the health of students and employees throughout the building are air purifiers.

There are the following rooms throughout the school building:

  • 15 classrooms including IT Room, ART Room
  • 2 teacher rooms
  • Library
  • Rooms: psychologists, speech therapists
  • Dining room
  • theatre
  • Music rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Secretariat and administration offices
  • toilets

In front of the school building, there is a large parking lot so that parents can safely and freely pick up the child to school and pick up after school. At the back of the building is a playground equipped with a sandpit, swings, gazebo, benches and other equipment used for children to play in the open air, especially during club activities.

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