Pedagogical staff

Pedagogical staff

If the teacher’s not on fire, neither are the students

Teachers employed at Open Future International School understand and follow the International Baccalaureate Organization’s philosophy, and have fluent, practical knowledge of English. They take part in compulsory trainings, including those organized abroad, where they not only acquire theoretical knowledge but gain practical experience and have the opportunity to exchange their views with other IBO teachers from all over the world.

Our teachers are pedagogues of the highest level

As in every school, one of the main factors of Open Future’s effectiveness is properly trained pedagogical staff. Therefore, we enable our teachers to develop continuously, by organizing and covering the costs of trainings, workshops and other forms of professional development, which significantly influences the quality of realizing the worldwide programme. In addition, the school conducts teacher training.

Open Future International School follows Polish core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education in Poland, with the use of international programme

Teachers participate in courses and certified trainings, during which they have the opportunity to get to know the most modern teaching methods and exchange experiences with other pedagogues, raising their professional qualifications, and mastering their teaching repertoire, which has a positive influence on the teaching process.

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