Preschool building


 It is very important to us that children attending the Open Future kindergarten feel comfortable there as if they were at home. For this reason, we pay a lot of attention to the decor and aesthetically arranged preschool spaces. The calm, light-gray colors of the walls, floor panels and soft rugs on which children can play and rest during their time with us, make the interior of the Open Future kindergarten exceptionally friendly for children. The walls are decorated with photos, as well as works of preschoolers, thanks to which they feel proud and motivated to further creativity and action. 

Each room has a velvet armchair in the color of the room and the name of the group, as well as a sofa and colorful cushions, which are often used by children to play or relax. All rooms are equipped with interactive monitors that enable the use of modern teaching methods. The furniture in our kindergarten has the required attestations and certificates. Chairs and tables are adapted to the age and height of children.

Available to kindergarteners is the entire ground floor of the building at Babińskiego 4 Street with a total area of 350 m2, in which the following rooms are located:

  • 3 bright and spacious rooms for pupils (about 60 m2 each)
  • Gym and recreation room
  • Cloakroom for children
  • Kitchen facility with a separate canteen for children
  • Speech therapist’s room
  • Restrooms with direct access from the room.

There is a large parking lot next to the preschool building, where parents can park their car safely when bringing their child to the kindergarten or neighboring Open Future International School.

The playground and garden are located a few meters from the kindergarten, next to the school building.


The spacious rooms give us the opportunity to create areas of interest so that children can independently acquire knowledge and skills from exploring the surrounding world. In addition, the corners encourage and stimulate children to take up independent or smaller groups play. This again gives space to cooperate while complying with established rules, e.g. cultural behavior, as well as respecting the individual needs and interests of other children.


Every day preschoolers take care of neatness in their room, at the same time we give children space for controlled creativity and creation. Both children and educators wear replacement footwear, and visitors receive shoe covers. Every day, the entire kindergarten is thoroughly cleaned by a cleaning team. 

For the health and well-being of our pupils and employees, there are air purifiers in each room.


On the school premises, students have at their disposal a playground equipped with swings, benches, a train, gymnastic equipment, appliances for children to play in the open air, especially during playroom. There is also a gazebo with benches and a large table, where students can carry out outdoor project activities. The area around the school allows you to stroll among the greenery, and nearby there is the Cracow Social Garden “Macierzanki, which is a green sanctuary for the inhabitants of the Ruczaj neighborhood.

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You can also visit Open Future Preschool thanks to our virtual walk, which you can find HERE.