Scholarship programme

If you particularly care for ensuring your child the best future because you see how talented the child is, but at the same time you are worried you may not afford to educate your child at Open Future, there is still a chance!

Apply for a scholarship and make an attempt
to receive full or partial coverage of fee costs

The scholarship is granted in the form of a discount on education fees for the period of one school year. It is included in the educational contract and cannot be given in a form of cash. The scholarship programme opens every year, yet submitting an application does not guarantee the scholarship. In case of applying for a scholarship covering full costs of the education fee, net income per person in the preceding calendar year cannot exceed PLN 1,500.

The scholarship embraces:

  • full or partial discount on education fees
  • the possibility to apply for dividing the entrance fee into two instalments

The scholarship does not embrace obligatory fees for:

  • swimming classes
  • school trips
  • school books and learning aids
  • meals (in case of an exceptionally difficult financial situation, a family can apply to local Social Centre to have the costs of the meals covered for the child)
  • parental committee
  • compensation classes in Polish and English

The scholarship does not embrace non-obligatory fees for:

  • extra paid, non-obligatory extra classes
  • international exchanges, camps etc.

In order to enable children from families with lower income to have education of the highest standard, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship that will cover the costs of education for up to 3 years of middle school. Income that is significantly lower from the rest of applications will increase the chance of a family to be granted a scholarship. Children with exceptional talents and skills will have priority, too.

If you are interested in applying
for a scholarship, you have to:

  1. Have an appointment with the Principal of the school.
  2. Submit an application before a given deadline, together with appendices:
  • Tax Office confirmation of the income gained by both parents / the parent having all parental rights / a legal guardian in the preceding calendar year;
  • [obligatory in case of full custody being held by one parent only] a document confirming that custody is held by one parent only (court statement, death certificate, other);
  • [obligatory in case of full custody being held by one parent only] a statement of the of alimony or any other financial support received from the other parent of the child, or a written statement confirming you do not receive any financial support from the other parent;
  • [if you are applying for a scholarship because of your child’s special talents or skills] documents confirming the child’s exceptional talents and/or skills.

Education agreement is signed after the scholarship is granted.