Ingemar z Niemiec
26 wrz 2014

W Open Future: 09.2014 – 02.2015

My name is Ingemar and I am from Germany. In Germany, I study music education, so I am a teacher and a musician. Both of these things have accompanied me my whole lifetime. 

I started playing the trumpet around ten and began taking singing and piano lessons after I finished school. But more importantly, I’ve been working in educational field since I was 14. During summer breaks, I have worked in holiday camps with children from ages six to 18 – of course not at the same time, but year after year, as I grew older the children and teenagers in the camps grew older as well.

One year after I finished school, I started to work in a kindergarten where I learned very important
things about education, in my opinion. I learned that kids develop very fast and during their
development, their world grows simultaneously. Their horizon broadens and as they realize, that
there is a big world to discover, they also realize where they come from. That’s why I think that
children need our support to have a safe place they can start their journey from. We are the ones
who prepare them for life – by teaching them, but also by helping them to make their own
experiences. We need to show them the world and give them the best we have to make everything
possible. But at the same time, they need to feel that we are there for them and we care for them.
My goal is to make the children feel that and thus grow in themselves.