Lejla z Bośni i Hercegowiny
15 lis 2013

W Open Future: 15.11.2013 – 10.01.2014

My name is LEJLA HODŽIĆ. I´m studying Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. I have one more exam left to graduate and the tennis is the sport that I´ m the best in.

I´m working as a tennis instructor now. I really enjoy working and spending time with the children because I have the privilege to watch them grow and make discoveries daily. People describe me as an out going person, very friendly and open minded who likes challenges, traveling and to meet new people and other cultures. Usually I don´t like to talk about myself a lot, I m looking forward to meet you, to  learn something about you and represent more about myself.


Oto refleksja Lejli po odbyciu stażu w naszej szkole:

My internship experience in Krakow

What made me decide to go abroad?
It was a mix of so many things. It was me wanting to push myself further through work experience, my desire to travel and become a more outgoing person. Before going abroad with AIESEC, I dreamed about working in foreign country and being able to experience another culture by living there. It all seemed too difficult to plan while working as a tennis instructor and studying full time as well.  When I found AIESEC  it was exactly what I had been looking for, it allowed me to complete my work experience abroad and meet the standards of my degree program. I was excited because the internship program was able to go towards my graduation.

The project was helpful to improve myself personally and professionally. I was able to use my trainer skills which I acknowledged right before I came to Krakow. My place of work is a tennis club but teaching in a school is something different. It’s a different feeling when you realize that you are a part of something big and united. You are a part of the school’s family. Every day was a challenge for me, because my task was to speak English with kids even if they don’t understand. Sometimes I was sad, because I wanted to talk more with them and I couldn’t, but it was great feeling to prepare my lessons in the gym for them, to see how they smile and have fun. I enjoy being useful in any possible way. It is a feeling you are helping the children. It’s a feeling you are writing a story. I had so many things to share and fill in those blank pages and naturally I wanted to give them as much as possible. Moreover, it’s not only about giving. I took a lot from them too. There I met a lot of nice and cute boys and girls, some of them are so energetic and spoiled but in the end I liked them all. They made a book drawings for me and now I have so beautiful memories from them.

My opinion at the end is that definitely it was worth to came to Krakow, to work in Open Future International School, to meet great people there! Polish people are very similar to Bosnian people, very friendly and open-minded and that is the reason why I was feeling like at home.

I would never forget such beautiful city,  my mentor Gosia, headmaster of the school Ula, other nice teachers,  my great flatmates  and everybody whom I met in Poland. Hope to come back again one day!