Paloma z Hiszpanii
5 maj 2016


I’m Paloma! I’m 21 years old and I come from the North of Spain. I studied at the University of Oviedo in order to be an English teacher.

I’m keen on travelling and practicing sport, such as gymnastics, dance or cycling. I’ve been in France for a short period of time, and I’ve been living in Kraków twice during 5 and 3 months each time.

I’ve been working as a private teacher for a long time. Our university provides me the opportunity of attend a lot of conferences about education in where I’ve learnt different techniques and interesting things about education in primary and secondary schools.

Now I am a teacher assistant and I really enjoy working with small students. I hope that my stay here will be a positive thing to the students. I’m learning a lot of things not only about Polish education, but about its culture as well. I never had such an amazing experience!