Shreya Prakash
12 maj 2014

W Open Future: 28.04.2014 – 06.06.2014

My name is Shreya, I am pursuing my BA in Psychology, Sociology and Economics from Christ University, Bangalore, India. I am also a dancer, trained in the Indian Classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak.

I am also a part of an NGO by the name ‘Make A Difference (MAD)’ which enabled me to teach kids in orphanages and shelter homes, and also worked as their English Project Head in Bangalore.
I have always enjoyed interacting with kids and the cause of education has been of great interest to me, especially over the last couple of years. In addition, I also enjoy studying psychology especially when it deals with child development or fostering a conducive learning environment.

Moreover, I wanted to take up an internship that would help me understand the field better, experience it first hand and evaluate if I have the required skill sets and sustained interest levels to take it up as a career. I also want to travel and expose myself to global environment as I believe it will be an enriching experience. Thus, I believe this project will be the perfect learning experience for me along with being something I will enjoy.

I am really looking forward to meet the kids, teach them and learn with them. I hope to help them with their English through rhymes, stories, games and activities, teach them some art, dance with them and give them a glimpse of the diverse Indian culture that I come from. I hope that my interaction with teachers at Open Future International School will help me. I want to learn more about early child education and development, and am sure that this project will help me with collecting knowledge and skills required in this field. Being in a new country, I am also excited about exploring a new culture and learning from experience of everyone I meet.