Stephanie z Australii
15 lis 2013

W Open Future: 15.11.2013 – 10.01.2014

Hello! My name is Stephanie Henderson. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am 20 years old and study Science at the University of Melbourne.

My dog’s name is Jelka. I have two older brothers. I love to read and go to the beach. I look forward to teaching you all about Australian culture. See you soon!


Oto refleksja Stephanie po odbyciu stażu w naszej szkole:

Travelling from Australia, I had no idea what to expect in Krakow, but working at Open Future International School was a great experience. The children come from a diverse range of backgrounds with varying levels of English comprehension, however over time they all learn to respect and follow you. It is particularly gratifying when explaining a difficult concept to a child and watching as their eyes light up as they finally grasp the topic.
Coming solely from an English speaking background, it was amazing to see children already fluent in Polish having the ability converse in English. Their willingness to learn English has instilled in me a drive to learn Polish. The lessons are conducted in both English and Polish which allows children to comprehensively grasp both aspects of the language. This helped by the fact that all the teachers are fluent in English.
The teachers at Open Future International School are very supportive and go the extra mile to help children complete topics and grasp difficult concepts. They are part of the reason that working at Open Future International School is so welcoming and rewarding. They ensured that I felt part of a team and included within the learning process for the children.
The city of Krakow is filled with amazing history, travelling to the ancient Wawel castle, Kazimierz and the old town has given me insight into Krakow’s interesting history. I have also developed a love of Polish food especially peirogi and ponchki!
Being able to work at Open Future International School and live in Krakow was a unique and privileged experience and one I will treasure for a long time to come.
Thank you!
Stephanie Henderson