Tiago z Portugalii
13 kw. 2015

I started working with children when I was doing a small theatre for children about healthy food, I was the sound technician that was putting music.

It was an amazing experience to see 40 to 200 children laughing at what we were doing and in the end saying that they should eat soup instead of sweets all the time. After that I started playing in some schools, showing instruments and traditional music from Portugal, creating an interest to learn music.

That was the point that my interest for kids grew because of how easy it is to get small children amazed with the simplest things we do and how they quickly end up learning them from us.

So I hope this Internship will teach me a lot for my future and even for my present day with the children from this center, and that I can also share a little bit of what I know to know to make them more rich in their bright future ahead. http://credit-n.ru/electronica.html