School playroom

School playroom 

The playroom is located in a school building and plays primarily a protective and educational role. Children spend there time in the morning, before their lesson starts, from 7:30 AM, and after lessons are finished until 5:30 PM. Due to the wide range of extracurricular activities, playroom time is mainly for rest, fun, and integration with peers. Children who do not have any extracurricular activities on a given day may use the playroom immediately after the educational lessons are finished.

The playrooms are run separately for each level of class and are organized in classrooms. Students have a variety of art materials, blocks, books, board and educational games. In the case of children’s interest, playroom teacher organizes various entertainment activities such as solving puzzles, competitions, rebuses, reading books, listening and singing songs. Children can also relax sitting on the carpet or chat with their friend. With the presence of  pedagogue they have the opportunity to do homework, spelling exercises, and can develop their manual skills. We occasionally allow the possibility of film-cartoon afternoon. Whenever weather conditions allow, children together with playroom teacher can go outdoors, and spend time on the playground where they can play ball, jog with friends or play in the sandbox.


Child from the playroom can be picked up by parents, or by designated guardian who have appropriate authorization from parents. We refuse to let out children from the playroom to persons without parents’ authorization, neither telephone request or in case of verbal information from the child or other person.

There is a possibility of a one-time authorization for a particular day – then you must complete the relevant documents at the school reception desk, the latest on the same day in the morning. Once you pick up your child form the playroom, you are responsible for your child, and you are not allowed to let your child to join the playroom again.  In case of any doubt, the playroom teacher has the right to ask the person picking up the child to show a valid identity document that must agree with the information in the previously filled out authorization. The teacher’s request for identification may apply to any person picking up a child throughout the whole school year.